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Delete Browsing History

There might be so many times when we would want to delete browsing history from the browser completely. There are quite a few methods of doing so. In case you don't want any of your visited pages on internet browser to be recorded. Then you can erase them all or some of it from your browsing history.

How to view Browsing History

When you remove your activity, it does not affect any other thing from your settings. And you can go on deleting the activity as per your choice. We help you in keeping the activity private, at your instant. Here, various methods are briefed upon various steps to clean our activity on different browsers. Like Mozilla, Opera, Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

  1. Mozilla Firefox

  1. Opera

  1. Chrome

  1. Safari

  1. Microsoft Edge

How to Delete Browsing History on Exit

If we want to clear it upon exit. We have to select that option in the menu of the browser we are using.

Remove Microsoft Edge

  1. Open internet Options (type internet options in the search field after click on the Windows key).
  2. Go to General tab.
  3. Go to the activity and check the option Delete on exit.
  4. Click Apply.
  5. Click OK.

Clean Internet Explorer

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Click on Tools. Right corner of your screen.
  3. Then select Internet Options in the drop down menu.
  4. Go to General tab.
  5. Go to Activity Section.
  6. Check option Delete on exit.
  7. Click Apply.
  8. Click OK.

Clear Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Click on the Menu. Top Right of your screen.
  3. Click Options.
  4. Go to the privacy tab.
  5. Go to History Section.
  6. Search for "Firefox Will" and select Never Remember.
  7. Click Ok.
  8. Click Ok again.

Delete Safari

In Safari is not available this option. You have to erase it.

Clear Opera

In Opera it is not available this option. You have to clear your activity each time.

To keep our online privacy safe you should do this each and every day. If you don't want to keep your session data. You can open a private mode in your browsers. Or you can use a private browser like Tor.

Clear Browser history Windows 10

If you want to delete your browsing history in Windows 10 you have to do the following:

  • Check which browser you are using (probably Edge or Chrome).
  • Follow the instructions above in this page for your browser.

We have learnt how to delete browsing history completely.

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